Once was a time I’d write *out* to the unknown sympathetic audience, to my journal and some future, to find sense to later share. Now the audience is actually there, and immediate, and can *like* or retweet single sentences. MUCH scarier.


I keep having dreams of things I need to do Of waking up and not following through – Frank Turner Six weeks of clench in my gut from playing “Beat the Clock” during billable programming hours, then afternoons of stress from mostly ignoring my fiveĀ  long-term guilt trips, with the kind of fear that immobilizes,…

fall forward

A summer of restful work, of catch-up, and now back to the passion play, to stuff that matters. Haiti beckons with a chance to quadruple our earlier efforts. Nicaragua, DR, and Jamaica all look likely. Throughout is the returning worry that do-gooding is a distraction, that I oughtta be knuckling down soley with the good-paying…

isabel wisdom

“You need more play-love. The world needs a lot of love, so you need love too.”

forgive immediately

Weary as water, I’ve nearly made it through finances week, paying the bill for nine months of neglect. Media Lab rooftop with frosty reception and the week long wonder at why people blame. “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.” How simple an idea, how deep in wisdom, how rare. We’re doing…

the hard combination

They think they can tame you, name you and frame you Aim you where you don’t belong They know where you’ve been but not where you’re going And that is the source of the songs – john gorka Back from Haiti and off to Maho, I’ve been blindsided by one group, wrongly accused by another,…

Long Memory

Boston of another year, when we stayed in the surprisingly cramped hotel room near Copley, with nearby massively windowed Prudential mall, where we found the froggy scratcher, and my first Internet phone. Today to the nearby Apple Store, three stories high, where I predicted, then instantly spotted the other StoryMill after buying earbuds again …….

circle to circle

You have no cause to trust my words. I am a man with a minor degree, with little to show. My worth is my mind as it reacts and resolves. My value is my latest thought, as no proof will tell more. Today I walked from one circle to another, from the little park outside…

you may begin

With Cambridge soon, and Bill on his way to help Haiti, it’s time for me to write again.

washington week

A week back from Washington DC now, I’m through my post-vacation work scramble for the most part. As usual, the week before and week after a trip completely nullify the rest benefits of the actual trip, which is why a real vacation needs three weeks: one to decompress and two to actually feel it. The…