A summer of restful work, of catch-up, and now back to the passion play, to stuff that matters.

Haiti beckons with a chance to quadruple our earlier efforts. Nicaragua, DR, and Jamaica all look likely. Throughout is the returning worry that do-gooding is a distraction, that I oughtta be knuckling down soley with the good-paying meaningless stuff, that I oughtta do more than simply visit the land of the bottom line. For three years now I’ve focused mainly on children, largely ignoring better paying work.

“You know, it never has been easy, whether you do or you do not resign, whether you travel the breadth of extremities or stick to some straighter line.”

On one side you’ve got a smiling child and a ten dollar bill. On the other an impatient executive and a hundred dollar bill. Beyond these I imagine a life of promise for the child. For the executive, I imagine a year or two of effort replaced by yet another project, stripped of original vision, prompted by another’s ego. I also imagine financial stress versus material comfort.

Why not have both worlds? A heap of corporate with a helping of children? That’s the theory. In practice the reverse consistently happens. Whether a matter of discipline to police these proportions, or simply an impossibility . . . that’s the question.

Either way, I’m moving forward. Let’s see how well I do through autumn.