scene 1

M: You can wear my clothes.
W: Oh great.
M: No really. I mean not womanly things. What a man might wear.
W: Let’s stop off at my place.
M: This jacket, and this shirt, and . . .
W: We have time to go to my place.
M: This is great, these pants. I’ll bet we’re exactly the same size.
W: I need socks and underwear.
M: I’ve got socks. And here . . .
W: No.
M: Oh come on, it’s just cotton.
W: Miranda.
M: No one will know.
W: I’ll know.
M: Boy, just look at all the hair on this chest.
W: Is this something you really want?
M: Come on. Think of all the time you spent trying to get in my pants, and now, the golden opportunity.
W: I won’t fit.
M: Oh my god. Don’t worry. They stretch.
W: They’re not made for men.
M: Lack support, right?
W: This is ridiculous.
M: Willy Billy, honey, to know tonight you’re with me and in my clothes, with everyone around, and later to undress you.
W: Alright.
M: But it’s not enough.
W: What?
M: I have to dress as you.
W: In what?
M: Your clothes.
W: These are filthy.
M: The pants are fine.
W: And the shirt . . .
M: You left a sweatshirt. The blue one.
W: And these. I used these to wipe . . .
M: I’ll wash them in the sink.
W: Miranda. They’ll be wet. We have to be ther
e in an hour.
M: That’s what microwaves are for.