scene 2

W: What are you thinking?
M: Nothing really. About making memories.
W: Making them or having them?
M: Well, both. I mean there are all these chances to do things worth remembering and I don’t always do them and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s fear.
W: You’re afraid of having fun?
M: It’s not just the fun times. I don’t know. Living. Did you know that the word “happiness” doesn’t really mean what we think it means, I mean joyfulness and skipping around like Snoopy with our heads in the air? It comes from the same root as “to happen.” So happiness really means when things are happening.
W: What if the things happening really suck?
M: You mean sorrow.
W: Sure.
M: Sorrow can be pretty happening.
W: [laughs]
M: No really, I mean it’s not something you think you want, but there’s power to it. You want the other, which is joy, but I think if I were given a choice, I’d rather have sorrow than being plain old blah, or apathetic.
W: Or not making memories.
M: Exactly. Happiness is making memories whether they’re good or bad.
W: That doesn’t sound right.
M: Maybe not. I don’t know. Words change meanings.
W: So you’re saying that when we say happiness today, we really mean joy.
M: Yeah, and I’ll tell you why. Now I know. It’s cause when we’re feeling sorrow, it’s usually about something that we really l liked. Like if you left, or died, or something, I’d feel sorrow, but it’d because of something real, something that I’m missing, and the down-side to the whole thing is as real as the up-side. Whether I’d be missing you or, like now, digging you, it’s still about you and that way it’s real to me.
W: You’re making memories.
M: Right.
W: So when are we unhappy?
M: When nothing’s going on at all. When we’re just going through the motions. When we’ve forgotten we care. When there’s no love left.
W: So are we making a memory right now?
M: I don’t know, you tell me.
W: It’s kind of like being on tape.
M: Yeah. Your brain on record, or what?
W: Every word, my darling. Every word.
M: Good. That’s good. This is a time to remember. Years from now there’s gonna be times when we wished we were lying here having this conversation.
W: We’ll be too busy making new memories.
M: Well just in case.