scene 3

M: Have you ever slept with a prositute?
W: Um. Yes. Once.
M: Really?
W: Yes.
M: How much did you pay?
W: Fifty dollars.
M: Why?
W: Why what?
M: Why did you pay?
W: Because she wanted the money, and I wanted her.
M: Where where you?
W: Saint Martin. I was twenty-two.
M: Did you want her or did you want it?
W: Both. I didn’t know she was a prostitute till we’d had some drinks. She was Spanish, I think. She had Spanish eyes. She might have been a little bit Dutch.
M: Was she clean?
W: Yes. A little sweaty maybe, but in a clean way.
M: Was she beautiful?
W: She was pretty.
M: Where did you do it?
W: My hotel room.
M: Did you pay before or after?
W: Before.
M: Hmm….
W: What?
M: I wonder sometimes. What it’d be like.
W: What? For money?
M: Yeah. And the fact it’s with a stranger.
W: Never had a one night stand?
M: Nope.
W: Me either, except this one time.
M: Did it feel like love when you were doing it?
W: Uh, no. No it didn’t.
M: Did you want it to?
W: Listen to you!
M: Did she try to make it seem like love?
W: No. It was different.
M: What then?
W: Physical.
M: Passionate?
W: A little. She mostly seemed distracted.
M: Did paying for it make you feel different?
W: Poorer.
M: No really.
W: Oh I don’t know. A little stupid. Afterwards.
M: And during?
W: There was something to it I suppose. I guess I felt like it was my right or something. It seemed very clear cut. She was mine for my pleasure and I didn’t need to ask about things.
M: Huh.
W: What? What are you thinking?
M: Did you worry at all whether she was enjoying it?
W: A little in the beginning.
M: And then?
W: And then I kind of felt . . . like I was there alone. She wasn’t responding very much. I got this feeling she was thinking about other things, like my hurrying up and finishing so she could make money with other men.
M: Did you hurry up?
W: No.
M: Because you’d paid good money.
W: Something like that.
M: Did you ever see her again?
W: No. I left the island a few days later.
M: What was her name?
W: Enough with this. It was a long time ago.
M: You know, I think I could do it.
W: Do what?
M: I think I could do what she did with you and make it feel like love.
W: I know you can.
M: No I mean with a stranger. Sometimes in a crowd, or on the bus or something, I’ll see a man looking at me, and I’ll feel . . .
M: Sometimes I feel in love with men.