scene 4

M: I don’t understand why you’re so upset.
W: I’m not upset.
M: Well what would you call it?
W: Tired.
M: You’re mad.
W: God. I’m so tired of people trying to read my mind.
M: I know you pretty well.
W: Then you’d know I just want to drop it and go to sleep.
M: Drop what?
W: Miranda. Whatever. This.
M: Tell me.
W: Hey look. I am getting mad, but it’s a very recent thing, as in two minutes ago I wasn’t, and now I’m getting there.
M: Did I do something at the party?
W: No.
M: You were a million miles away.
W: I’m tired.
M: Your friend Steve?
W: No.
M: No what?
W: No whatever you’re thinking.
M: You’re jealous?
W: No. Christ. Miranda, let’s sleep.
M: You’re mad because I was talking to Steve.
W: Of course not.
M: It’s okay to be jealous, you know.
W: No it’s not, and I wasn’t.
M: He’s funny. What can I tell you? He made me laugh.
W: He’s a funny guy.
M: But I came home with you.
W: Terrific. I feel blessed.
M: Alright, I’ll leave.
W: Miranda. Honey. I just want to sleep.
M: I’ll call you in the morning.
W: This is dumb.
M: I just don’t want to sleep here tonight.
W: Whatever.