no here, nowhere

Old soul, I recognise you. Yes perhaps we’ve differences,
but there’s something in your eyes as we talk, a weight
to your voice … I’ve known you before.

We understand each other easily. More than words, we recognise in each other a spirit developed … an old soul.

This is no mystery to me. I do not know how it is the case
that we are alike, whether there is a transmigration of spirit,
or whether we’ve arrived at it within this life, but I clearly
recognise another like me or near me.

All important, this. Of great need to keep in touch with
those few of us that find each other.

So alone in a world of darkness it appears at times,
and we who have the insight to see past the personal
to the realms we share must acknowledge this bond.

I see you.

(May 1992)